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Four New Year's Eve Outfits to Pair with your Reading Glasses


It’s party season! Whether you’re planning just the one fancy dinner, or you’re a social butterfly who is putting together several late-night party outfits, you might be wondering how to incorporate your reading glasses into your look. Read on to find style inspiration for your New Year's Eve outfits, and discover four ways we style and match our glasses with them.

Why you should match your reading glasses to your new years eve outfits

First off, you might be wondering why you should think about your frames when planning your New Year's Eve outfits. The answer is simple. Apart from improving your sight, easing headaches and protecting your eyes during your party season mingling, your glasses are one of the most noticeable things about you, being worn on your face. As a result, they should add to your look rather than detracting from it or clashing with your clothes.

Luckily, GLAS glasses are designed to be more than just practical reading glasses - they’re accessories to enhance your style. Our in-house stylist has put together these four outfit combinations, that are sure to make sure you have a night to remember, in a pair of glasses your fellow guests won’t forget.

Classic blouse

You can never go wrong with a classic white blouse, and this is certainly no exception when it comes to party season. As well as being about as classic as it gets, white is also the colour of peace and new beginnings - fitting for your New Year's Eve outfit, we think! Choose a chic variation of the white blouse and pair it with contrasting pants or skirt for a more daring twist. Statement earrings are optional, but can make all the difference on New Year’s Eve. To offset the statement jewelry, pair this outfit with light pink acetate frames or delicate gold metal to let your face shine.

Little black dress

The little black dress comes in so many variations, and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion, whilst looking smart and refined. We took a spin on the traditional look and chose this sleek dress with cut-out sleeves and a scoop neck. Accessorize with silver or gold jewelry if you’re looking to create a dressier look. The little black dress is versatile, and pairs well with lightweight metal reading glasses as well as bolder marbled acetate frames.

Feathered luxe

Feeling something different? Make a unique departure from the usual sparkle of New Year’s Eve and opt for something a little more individual. This statement blouse with feather-cuffed sleeves does a lot of the talking on its own, so why not pair it with lightweight metal frames. Choose an elegant round shape and rose gold finish for a subtle statement, or choose glasses in a dark brown finish to add more definition to the face.

Bold blazer

How about a power look! Blazers are an easy and timeless way to elevate any new year’s eve outfits - whilst keeping you warm at the same time! You have many options here. Choose from classic fabrics in muted colours, or go bolder with a velvet or sequined look. Pair an oversized light-coloured blazer with an accent top for an elegant contemporary vibe. Choose some equally unexpected glasses, perhaps incorporating tinted lenses. The golden peach-tinted lens has a gentle gradient, letting you see the world with a subtle increase in contrast and improved depth perception.

The final word on New Year's Eve outfits

As with all styling tips, these suggestions are just a place to start. When planning New Year's Eve outfits, make sure to stay true to your style, and choose glasses that let your personality shine.

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